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Royal Trux - Royal Trux LP

Royal Trux - Royal Trux LP

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When I think of the all tjme greatest American music duos I think Suicide, Outkast, Daryl Hall & John Oates and at the very top of that list is Jennifer Herrema and Neil Michael Hagerty a.k.a Royal Trux.

Not only are they my favourite duo, but I’d vote them best rock ‘n’ roll band of the 90s. I mean that more in the conceptual spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.. which sometimes isn’t rockin’ at all. I desperately wish I could hear their philosophy (not a one dimensional affection of rock/drug cool) in more guitar groups today!

Saying all that, their 1988 debut isn’t an album I’ve dug out often in the last decade. While it’s not their most bombastic or subversively straight chapter, it’s a real cool time! High art meets lizard brain, The Rolling Stones swag to No Wave shronk, The Shaggs grappling with Ornette Coleman harmolodics, 60s prankster psych... it’s all here.

Drugs may have been involved but to be honest I think that narrative distracts from the sheer amount of creativity, cool and highly considered takes on low-culture evident in this band’s discography right from the beginning! - Nic