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Honey 2 Honey - To Water A Road CD

Honey 2 Honey - To Water A Road CD

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In casual conversation with a member of Honey 2 Honey a year or so ago they mentioned Talk Talk's last two records as a point of reference for the record they were currently working on. While I don't really hear those records in 'To Water A Road', I can definitely feel a similar development of ideas and ambition in their shift from downtown disco/post-punk to the unique space they're now in.

Have you heard Scott Walker's 1983 album 'Climate Of Hunter'? It features appearances from Billy Ocean, Mark Knopfler and Evan Parker. Wild right? For some reason I want to position this record next to that one, but this one was made by local people without any Virgin Records dollarbucks.

Honey 2 Honey have created a record that's hi-fi and considered without feeling bougie or impersonal. Sophisti-pop for the Dean Blunt era. A remarkable and highly listenable Compact Disc! - Nic