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Uranium Club - Infants Under the Bulb LP

Uranium Club - Infants Under the Bulb LP

Anti Fade

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What came first, the Uranium Club or the egg?

While this group has seemingly had a massive impact on Geelong (and other places around the country I guess), I only ever heard their previous three albums in passing. Their fourth sounds to me like they’ve graduated from the share house scrambled egg to something a little more elevated, like a poach or rolled into a sophisticated yet delicate French omelette.

Egg jokes aside (they’re becoming a bit predictable now, I’m sorry to all), there does seem to be a development here from the hyperactive  post-Devo/Pylon angularity of their past with a more tonally spacious and atmospheric and giving the songs a bit more space to move. Not to mention to spoken word and synth led tracks that also seem to recall Cassandra Jenkin’s LP from a few years back.