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Th Blisks - How So? LP

Th Blisks - How So? LP

Altered States Tapes

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How So?, the debut offering by Th Blisks, represents a blurring of three vastly different heads into a sole disjointed, but fluid, organism. The domes in attendance being Yuta Matsumura (Low Life / Oily Boys), Amelia Besseny (Troth / Impatiens) and Cooper Bowman (Tsap / Troth). 

There was minimal chatter between us on first convening and, like most well-intentioned experiments, the results bear scarce resemblance to what little was said. Utilising a palette of vocal, melodica, deeply-pulled samples, guitar, drum machine, synths and various forms of percussion - Th Blisks use these tools to weave a lucid dreamworld all their own, where anybody is welcome to sit and wobble for a spell. 

There is a post-punk ritual for peace, ‘A Salve’ (featuring what one astute listener described as ‘drunken piano’) moments of humid ambience like ‘Taipei Dubble’, a shadowy experimental in/excursion titled ‘I Don’t Fade’ and a slew of other-worldly trip-hop numbers that don’t obscure their hooks for the sake of carving new shapes.