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Mosquitoes - Outlines / Infinity Fault 7"

Mosquitoes - Outlines / Infinity Fault 7"

Digital Regress

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Sad to see them fold, but the final release from cult UK group MOSQUITOES holds its own among the band’s catalogue. Woozy and deconstructed music that sounds like the band is playing through a malfunctioning PA or slowly melting off the stage. Strings of Henry Grimes-esque bass runs threaded through abstract hums, creaks, and dub-wise studio manipulation. 


Like clockwork, the latest affirmations from Mosquitoes. Following up last year's Reverse Drift / Reverse Change, this record continues the deconstruction of assumptions around the idea of a music group or "band" to descend further into rough shards of notes and ideas. Outlines opens with a loop of a distant subway car approximating time, layered with bass lines and fragments of voice, percussion, and guitar. Hushed words—invented or otherwise—scattered throughout. Infinity Fault carries itself through a spiraling loop with instruments lending themselves to the sensation: descending, descending, descending. Broken concepts blending into each other to create something else entirely that can loosely be described as music for adventurous listeners.
-Digital Regress