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John Macedo - Truss CD

John Macedo - Truss CD

Infant Tree

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Recorded January 2014 to February 2019 around
South East London using electric guitar with objects,
electronics, microphones, speaker cones and amplifiers.

For those unfamiliar with John Macedo’s work, he presents what I consider a precious quality in a musician. The one that makes you ask yourself endless questions of how someone can piece together such intricate qualities of audio, in such detail, be it in composed works or improvisation. I’m yet to see a concert of his where I don’t leave totally unable to answer questions about how he does the thing he does. Up to this point I've associated all of this with, for lack of a better term, ‘electronic’ sources, synthesisers and varying feedback systems. So it carries a bizarre and exciting feeling to announce his first album of guitar music on Infant Tree, ‘Truss’.

Macedo started to piece the album together in 2014, after an eight year stint away from his guitar exploring the potential of various other combinations of devices. The album marks a distinguishable change in attitude towards his music. Away from a more technical approach, it invites something more personal; experimenting with an instrument both recognisable and relatable, yet somehow also novel.

For fans of previous work, ‘Truss’ follows without fault. It carries Macedo’s distinctive manner and character throughout. Tracks like ‘Phase’ and ‘Bridge’ bury themselves deep in your ear, pulling up sounds so far from what I previously understood could come from a guitar. ‘Binding’, which features Phil Julian, is perhaps the moment in the album where you hear the instrument as we understand it the most, and that says a lot for how unexpected the whole thing is - Bailey or Rowe comparisons won't cut it.

Across its length we encounter appearances on guitar by friends Daniel Bennett, Kostis Kilymis and as previously mentioned, Phil Julian. Tying together a feeling of importance of acknowledging the instrument as a gateway into music making, the relationship that all of these players have to it and how that relationship can change and evolve over time.

The album was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and is available digitally and in a CD edition, featuring a photo of a young John Macedo and his guitar, with layout design by Andrea Kerney.