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Gruuel - Gruuel 7"

Gruuel - Gruuel 7"

Trevor Records

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A chance exposure to an impromptu Trevor live performance in 2018 initially brought touring Chicago-based musician Beau Wanzer and Trevor together for the first time. Trevor was seen performing an early rendition of what would later become the centerpiece ‘Bedtime Story’ from his debut full length LP ‘Becoming a Bed’, released on Alter in 2019. A vessel to house Trevor's then frustrations with a living arrangement expressed by way of a surreal Lovecraftian-like monologue over dreary electronics and drum machine "captivated" Wanzer. Bringing the two together and ultimately manifesting a trans-continental collaboration in the form of what is now being spooned to the world as Gruuel.

The first two of these four tracks, produced between
 2019-2023, ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ and ‘Dust with Legs’ are to be self-released on Trevor’s own ‘Trevor Records’ imprint on 7” vinyl (out September 15th). These tracks expand on what initially brought the pair together. Trevor’s manipulated, altered-state and semi-improvised narratives spoken over sparse machine-augmented percussion and sample experiments. When probing Trevor on common ground between the duo, they note a shared interest in percussion experimentation, sample manipulation and horror films. Also, a shared respect for a lateral approach to the drum machine as a composition device.

Like is often the case with Lovecraft’s writing, Gruuel manifests like a lost diary entry written by some evanished soul who has tampered with the outer realms of reality only to be sucked beyond the spheres of what is known. A mismatch of experimentation, mystery, dark humour and disembodied experience. A second 7” release featuring two more tracks is set to be released later in 2023 as part of Elations Recordings, “Mr. Hyde” sub-label series ‘Deviations’. Gruuel on this second release are featured in expanded format with the addition of third member Tarquin Manek bringing a wider sonic palate of instrumentation to the Gruuel pot.