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GODTET - Meditations LP

GODTET - Meditations LP

La Sape

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From Godriguez:
Meditations is GODTET diving into our own minds, journeying together, by ourselves to where we wanted at the time to go.. There was a definite sense of wanting to abandon (albeit all unspoken) any of GODTET’s previous vibes and any other musical contexts we all often exist in. It is definitely a world where we, the musicians, can create a starting point and see where our minds take us. We wait either for ourselves or each other to see where we’d like to journey (or not journey) at all and be happy to sit put in one place for a while.

The Meditations are almost a reaction; A protest? - To having to do the normal thing as musicians we’re expected to do (Make a big good exciting thing now!) If anything it's a blueprint for the future of the GODTET “sound”, it is to be unexpected. “Expect the unexpected” is quite the cliche yet it’s probably the most fitting for what I foresee the GODTET future as sounding. Unbound by any expectations or contexts or having to repeatedly play music in any certain way - it feels almost like a manifestation of our freedom and personal agent to not be beholden to anything as musicians.

Meditations is the most open statement and platform GODTET has produced to date. Wiping the slate clean, this erasure allows us infinite possibilities.. Anywhere and everywhere to go from here... To be definable or restricted is the antithesis of what GODTET is about. GODTET PLAYS FOR ITSELF. Our own curiosity, pleasure, introspection, play, ourselves.