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Georgia Mulligan - Nothing Wrong LP

Georgia Mulligan - Nothing Wrong LP

Double Drummer

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Songs that you can feel soak into your pores. That record you play to your friends at a party and they shut up immediately. Like if Laura Marling lived in Sydney and played in a quartet. Intriguing arrangements that hover between alternative folk, indie and rock before reminding you that genre labels are pointless. File under 'wow.'

"I am full of love and I am a little bit scared, just like you."

Georgia Mulligan is a feted songwriter from Sydney whose essential voice is fully realised on Nothing Wrong, her debut LP. Formerly a member of Julia Jacklin's backing band, she's so uniquely arresting that she ended up supporting Jacklin on tours across the UK and Ireland. First written during lockdown and endlessly redrafted over the ensuing years, it's the the kind of record that much like Georgia, we have returned to over and over again.

"The making of this record has served as a canvas on which to pull out all the different elements of an idea - to try to really look at them, to understand more. I have spent a long time trying to make some parts of myself disappear, as I think we all have at some point. Laying it all out makes them all equal, all beautiful."

Limited to only 200 copies in heavyweight eucalyptus green vinyl, with an individually-numbered obi strip, lyric sheet, exclusive essay, and with (Australian) shipping included in the price. Available now, and you won't find it anywhere else on the planet. - Impressed Records