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V.I.P.P. - II CS

V.I.P.P. - II CS

Eternal Soundcheck

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Throughout my adult life as a Sydney resident Ewan Finley is one of the songwriters I feel most lucky to have experienced. I can't imagine him referring to himself as a songwriter, probably reluctant to embrace the musician tag, which is a positive attribute in the age of the creative entrepreneur.

My embrace of V.I.P.P. has been a little slower than his first two groups: Aloha Units (a Swell Maps-esque racket) and Sex Tourists (a D-I-Y Pet Shop Boy). Different shades of Ewan's affable musical personality are present throughout the three projects, and while I was most slow on the uptake, I think his electric folk group V.I.P.P. will yield the most long-term enjoyment.

The previously mentioned musical personality naturally conjures the effortless melodies of Television Personalities and Cleaners From Venus, but here it's not bound by perfect pop execution but embraces global folk musics, atonality, space and experimentation.

Very good music for letting tears roll into your beer at the unrenovated workers club. - Nic