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Spice World - There's No I In Spice World LP

Spice World - There's No I In Spice World LP

Tenth Court

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In this post-‘dolewave’ world, it’s always a breath of fresh air when a record comes through like the debut LP from Spice World that harkens back to the glory years of the non-genre with a charm and homespun nature.

Tracks that recall the suburban realism of Dick Diver, the scrappiness of Bitch Prefect, the ramshackle strum of Aloha Units and Dag, the sentimentality of Goon Sax, and the loping windiness of The Garbage & The Flowers all in one place.

But Spice World are different to so many other bands dipping into the jangle rock handbook in 2023. There’s a casual conversational nature to these songs and a looseness to the playing that reflects the best kind of music—a bunch of friends sitting around and enjoying writing/playing together!