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Display Homes - What If You're Right & They're Wrong? LP

Display Homes - What If You're Right & They're Wrong? LP

Erste Theke Tontrager

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With Display Homes one-and-only LP out in the world today, we're feeling real joy and excitement, but also an underlying heavy heartedness. We all miss Darrell, but will try to do our job of endorsing this fine record to an audience beyond...

Display Homes’ sound can be situated within the most-positive and non-derogitory potential of New Wave; not as a watered-down punk, but as it’s non-self serious, creatively curious cousin. Think groups like XL Capris, Altered Images, Pylon and Life Without Buildings who took the musical economy and ethos of punk but mutated them away from rock’n’roll forms.

While a lot of 21st Century post-punk relies on a degree of post-modern art-concept positioning to edge out the competition, Display Homes’ music is deeper and more revelatory due to its foundation on friendship. You can hear the love that the three members had for being and playing in a room together radiate through the record, fittingly captured by Owen Penglis (kudos!).

The neutral, band-in-a-room feel with sound on ‘What If You're Right & They're Wrong?’ really captures their live energy. It’s rare that such an electric live band is captured so accurately on record with separation and definition while avoiding sterility. Everything that made Display Homes one of the most enjoyable live acts around town for so many years is present on the record (bar the mid-set broken string change): Steph’s sharp drumming and clipped, witty vocals, Darrell’s genuinely inventive winding guitar lines, and Greg’s driving bass that glued the whole thing together.