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Of Habit - Viable Device LP

Of Habit - Viable Device LP

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An album that answers the age old question: What would it sound like if Actress's remix of Wiley's 'From The Outside' and mid-to-late period Shadow Ring had a windbreaker-wearing adult son???

Of Habit is UK resident Gary Myles of the lurking scrape and scree experimental trio Spoils & Relics. I don't know if Gary actively wanted to make a music that alludes to the most dimly lit corners of Grime or "bass music", within a post-industrial framework.

There’s no toasting or mc-ing here though, only talking. Talking over organised bursts of electronic percussion, static and general sound-atmosphere.

Like Malvern Brume and Red Wine and Sugar, Of Habit works a real production-craft into the 21st century domestic concrete style. A personal favourite of recent history.
- Nic

Cover art by Kieron Piercy. Mastered by Joe Talia. 12" regular weight black vinyl. Limited edition of 100 copies.