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All Ords - Sources and Methods CS

All Ords - Sources and Methods CS

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All Ords is Mark Groves and Joanna Nilson. Sources and Methods consists of domestic voice and sound works generated during 2020. Pieces from this release have appeared previously as a part of Colour Out of Space at a Distance International Festival of Experimental Sound and Art, and Dylan Nyoukis’ Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit on Resonance Extra.

It explores the collision of labour, wealth disparity, domestic life and the subconscious, as told through book readings, dreams, and the sounds of a temporarily cloistered, claustrophobic home life and a vacated, virus-ridden inner city business district.

The background of ambient dread and government surveillance associated with the piece’s production is pushed further by the title itself- Sources and Methods referring to the mode of intelligence collection and analysis deployed by the CIA. This is also reflected in the artwork, which draws directly from William Friedkin’s Sorcerer (1977), a favourite of the duo which also mirrors, in a figurative sense, the male-female binary nature of the recording itself.