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Witness K - Witness K LP

Witness K - Witness K LP


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Sydney's Witness K fit somewhere between a chamber quartet and the rickety D-I-Y band.formation you’d find in non-standard music settings (the underside of a stilted house, small meeting room of ethnic/sports club, floor of dilapidated "heritage" building).

Using the Always Sunny In Philadelphia system of allocating members roles in the gang, I’ve come to the conclusion that Maeve Parker (flute, poetry, xylophone, and keys), Lyn Heazlewood (guitar, fan, vocals, and accordion) Sabina Rysnik (guitar, vocals, and keys), are all The WIldcard... and Andrew McLellan (bass, vocals, electronics, and piano) is The Instigator.

I'm being a bit assumptive here, but I get the impression that McLellan's sensibilities proposed the fringe-of-band, but also fringe-of-"experimental" music group (a favourite dynamic of mine, exemplified by The Shadow Ring, "Vibing" era Alternative TV, Idea Fire Company, or more recently Treasury Of Puppies and Russell St Bombings) but it's the involvement of Parker, Rysnik and Heazlewood that bring "da flavour" of uncharted collaborative creativity that could not result from a mood board of "good taste".

I've said sweet f-all about what it sounds like but hopefully I've said enough for you to invest yourself in this exceptional record! - Nic