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Hydroplane - Hydroplane LP

Hydroplane - Hydroplane LP

Efficient Space

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I was first put on to Hydroplane (and their sister band Cat’s Miaow) by the excellent “I Won’t Have To Think About You” comp on A Colourful Storm a few years back. Now this latest reissue of their 1997 debut LP from Efficient Space repairs another layer to their long-overlooked legacy!

At its core, the album continues with the twee indie pop that characterised the comp, but situates this within a haze of synths, tape loops, post-trip hop beats, and spoken word segments. There’s a kind of nostalgia/sentimentality within that makes me think that this would have made the perfect soundtrack to A Secret Life Of Us. Fragile and yearning music that draws a line between The Cannanes and Broadcast.

-Mitch (Repressed Records)