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Lime Works - Curse Be Gone CS

Lime Works - Curse Be Gone CS

Albert's Basement

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Melbourne downbeat but spirited outsider rock band Lime Works offer up Curse Be Gone, a follow up to 2017’s self-published I Keep Slipping.

In 2018 they were in Tbilisi, Georgia when they roped a member of their entourage into joining them on bass in a rehearsal studio up five floors of an old, wide, wooden staircase, to prepare for a gig in the Lithuanian woods a stones throw from Vilnius. In between sips from a vodka flask and a parcel of fresh gaspacho, over three days they eeked out an unholy din of warped strings, drunken tin cans and sweet, subtle kisses.

Much time has passed since then, but so be it. Curse be gone, come aboard :P - ALbert's Basement